Wineskin 2015-Present - Drums


Joe Gonzalez~Dustin Napoli~Evan Walton~Scott Shead~Joe Bonner

Based in the foothills of Bucks County, WINESKIN is an ever evolving musical machine. The band is a five piece, and often greater than the sum of its parts. Proudly waving the flag of rock-n-roll, they craft songs from the unique fabric it comes from. They deconstruct the American musical landscape and draw on it's rich heritage and genres. From slow country ballads to balls out, riff driven, middle finger rock songs. They can play a ragtime feeling tune and in the next minute sound like a space ship hovering over your house. Their live shows are galvanizing, galactic, grounded and gritty. Live music freaks compare them to Widespread Panic and Govt Mule, but its their own blood and guts you get at each gig they play and a wide range of sounds that fly off the stage. Wineskin can be filed under "struggle rock", WINESKIN has toured and shared the stage with some diverse and great bands. such as, but not limited to - Agents of Good Roots, Cracker, Ween, Strangefolk, The New Deal, Disco Biscuits, Keller Williams, The Radiators, Boris Garcia, MoistBoyz, Bernie Worrell, The Wailers, Charlie Hunter, etc.

With the death of original drummer Tim Stevens, Dustin Napoli has been a permanent member of WINESKIN on drums since 2015.

Band Members: 

Evan Walton - Guitar/Vocal
Joe Gonzalez - Bass
Joe "Bones" Bonner- Keys 
Dustin Napoli - Drums
Scott Shead- Guitar/Vocal