Bobby Clark Band 2013-Present - Drums/Keyboards/Guitar


Dustin Napoli~Lenny Mecca~Chris Condel~Bobby Clark~Joe Wegleski

Bobby Clark of the BOBBY CLARK BAND is a New Country/Rock recording artist and songwriter. His music is captivating to listeners of all ages. From the rural area of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, growing up on Willie, Waylon and Cash, Bobby Clark mixes it up and has a distinctive high/low vocal range that is very appealing to the listeners' ears. Bobby Clark band plays a mix of new and old Country/Rock and originals. 


Bobby Clark "Play It Hard" CD RELEASE BASH May 18, 2015

Belvidere Manor, Belvidere NJ

An amazing night, kicked off with Two Man Johnson to get the party started. Taking the stage for the highlight of the night was the one and only Bobby Clark, Christopher Condel/drums-backing vocals, Joe "Wiggy" Wegleski/guitar, Lenny Mecca/bass, and Dustin Napoli/keyboards.

*Bobby Clark: "Last night was an amazing event. There's nothing I can say to express my gratitude to so many beautiful friends and family. Ya'll came out to Play it hard, and that's exactly what ya'll did! The band, Christopher CondelJoseph WegleskiDustin Napoli and Lenny Mecca, you guys are incredible! Brian Dean Moore whom is one of the best entertainers I personally know, along with Chris Kincaid dedicating their time and equipment for the sound and lights. Mark John and Two Man Johnson for a great opening act. Photographer Cat Moore for taking so many awesome photos, Earl Steele Frank Vitale William Ricker Wendy Ricker for helping Rachel Clark at the door! Love you guys! Belvidere manor for treating us like family! I guess what it all comes down to is we live in an area that I'm proud to be from, we all take care of each other and that's pretty cool! Thanks again to EVERYONE! ❤️ PLAY IT HARD"